Advisory Services

HR Tech Advisory Services

PROBLEM:  You want to grow your HR Tech company but you’re not 100% sure your current strategy is optimized, and you also want guidance & feedback as you execute on your strategy.

SOLUTION:  Hire HR Tech Advisor, the company behind, to get strategic advice on tactical maneuvers to exceed your indirect sales goals! We can help you to grow your business by evaluating your current strategy and advising you on ways to greatly boost your sales. We can provide introductions to select target partners, feedback, sales and marketing ideas, market viability assessments, decision support, assistance in discovering new alliances, new approaches to developing channel sales opportunities, etc.

How can we help you?

We become an extension to your team

  • Indirect Sales Advisory Services

    • Find & evaluate new alliances/partnerships
    • Vetting & introductions to select target partners
    • Develop new sales channels
    • Evaluate current partners to grow or replace
  • Business Advisory Offerings for your HR Tech/Service company

    • Build, Buy or Partner decision support
    • Competitive analysis
    • Product review & feedback
    • Market viability/differentiation
    • Sales/marketing strategy
    • Sounding board

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