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Data is only helpful if you get the info you want when you need it.

We’ve spent five years and 32,000+ hours to curate:

  • 34,000 HR Tech/Service Companies
  • 55,000 curated vendor Contacts (mostly Execs, Alliances, Product, Sales or Marketing)
  • 7,009 Companies tagged with at least 1 of 7 Product Categories
  • 5,500+ HR Tech vendors, 9,839 people, and which of the 250+ shows they exhibited at since 2015
  • Updated daily… get the Alerts!

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HR Alerts Logo 121x37 #HRTechAlerts are currently in private Beta as part of the platform public Beta, to be notified when it comes out, simply create or claim your account on and watch for a notice about the release of this amazing feature. Alerts will help keep your finger on the pulse of all the key changes you cannot afford to miss.