Discovering What’s Hot in #HRTech Alliances – Video Interviews at #UNLEASH18 in Amsterdam

Anita Lettink @NGAHR #HRTech #Alliances Video #Interview #UNLEASH18 #Partnerships @Let_Anita @HRTechAdvisor

Anita Lettink, SVP Strategy & Alliances @NGAHR being interviewed at #UNLEASH18 by @HRTechAdvisor (Ward Christman)

@HRTechAdvisor interviewed the following 8 #HRTech Vendor Executives at #UNLEASH18:

  1. Peter Wiedemann, GM, Talent Acquisition Unit, Saba (formerly Lumesse) (Video Interview)
  2. Gilad Friedman, VP Channel Sales at WalkMe (Video Interview)
  3. Sander Odijk, Director Partnerships & Strategic Alliances at Raet (Video Interview)
  4. Guido Heinz, Partner Alliance Manager at Saba Software (Video Interview)
  5. Anita Lettink, SVP Strategy & Alliances at NGA HR (Video Interview)
  6. Cyrus Akrami, Head of Sales Development at Workplace by Facebook (Video Interview)
  7. Jean-Luc Barbier, VP of Global Solutions at SD Worx (Video Interview)
  8. Frank Nijmeijer, Partner Manager at Wonderkind (Video Interview)

Special thanks to activ8 intelligence for sponsoring HR Tech Advisor’s trip to Amsterdam for #UNLEASH18:

activ8 Intelligence HR analytics software insights #HRTech

HR analytics software that automatically discovers & presents relevant insights in simple English.

Ward Christman & John Cusack hamming it up at #UNLEASH18 in Amsterdam @Mercer #FutureOfWork booth #HRTech

Ward Christman & John Cusack hamming it up at Mercer’s booth

activ8’s Commercial Director, John Cusack, attended Unleash to meet potential vendor partners, analysts, influencers & investors. Contact John to Learn more about activ8’s new partnership options, which includes an innovative way to co-own the IP.

Cyrus Akrami @Facebook #HRTech #Alliances Video #Interview #UNLEASH18 #Partnerships @CAkrami @HRTechAdvisor

Cyrus Akrami w/ Workplace by Facebook Video Interview at #UNLEASH18 by @HRTechAdvisor (Ward Christman)Sample Interview – Cyrus Akrami w/ Workplace by Facebook:
How do you like this event?
“It’s my first time & it’s fantastic – such great names here including actual customers, potential customers and our product partners like ServiceNow, Cornerstone, and ADP.”

Ideal partner?
“We love working with partners who put the customer first and focus on how to get customer engagement as high as possible.”

Is #UNLEASH18 good for current partnerships?
“We’ve worked w/ our product partners on joint marketing strategies like a ‘Future of HR’ panel – it’s been really beneficial.”



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