HUMAN RESOURCES and TECHNOLOGY, why is there a need to Collaborate?

Human Resources and TecnologyHuman Resources used to manually manage employees, payroll, compensation and most of all the hiring process. But with technological advancement increasing in time, the collaboration between HR and Technology became a must to improve employee management.  Technology plays a huge role in the evolution of the HR process. Using different systems and applications can make time-consuming tasks easily be done with just a click of a computer mouse or a simple tap on mobile phones.


  •     Recruitment Process – Selecting the right candidate for a specific vacant position used to be a “bloody” job for organizations and companies. But with the help of different recruiting software, screening, filtering, examining, and interviewing can be done virtually and speed up the recruitment process. There are lots of useful recruiting software/apps for different size of organizations like, iCIMS, Jobvite, Greenhouse software that lets you manage your employee from hiring through the onboarding process.
  •     Payroll Process – Processing of employees’ salary for certain hours they work in each pay period. Tracking their work hours, deducting their taxes and compensation is another exhausting job for organizations’ Payroll Department. Organizations, especially the large ones, usually have the Payroll Department aside from the HR Department which has distinct function in the organization, but with the help of different apps/software, payroll, benefits, and compensation, can now be done by one person under only one department which is the HR Department, with less paperwork and less manpower needed.
  •    Remote Workforce – Hiring remote workers is another indication of technological innovation. Organizations don’t need to occupy offices/buildings with their employees and can invest those savings to hire the best candidates all over the globe.  It also reduces salaries and rid their company of paying employee taxes.

Innovations are inevitable if we play with it and take a positive outlook on technology development. There are lots of different applications and software that suit different organizations’ needs, finding the right ones can be challenging, but with a solid effort to collaborate with various software vendors, leveraging innovation can produce great outcomes for your company.