Employee Referral Systems

HR Tech Advisor Buyer’s Guide to Employee Referral Systems

HR Tech Advisor Buyer Guide to Employee Referral Systems 3

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iCIMS Social Distribution Employee Referral System

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Systems profiled: Careerify, CKR referralMAX, GooodJob, iCIMS Social Distribution, Referagig, Referral Link (Innotrieve), Reppify, RolePoint, Simppler, Talentnow Connect, Zalp and Zao.

Minimum Vendor Qualifications: 

  • Employee Referral platform must be available for purchase/subscription as a standalone offering (e.g. not requiring a specific ATS)
  • HR must be able to share jobs with employees via the system for sharing with non-employees via email and/or social media
  • Employees must be able to refer non-employees to HR via the system

Information collected: 

    • Product officially launched
    • Headquarters Location
    • Other offices
    • Industry Focus
    • CEO / Top Executive
    • Number of active paying clients (as of today)
    • Total number of active users across all clients
    • Notable clients
    • Advisory Board member(s)
    • Key partners
    • Other key products
    • Referrals by
    • Recommended Connections based on 
    • Push to user’s social sites
    • Recruiter or Admin can push job(s) to Company’s
    • Gamification
    • Analytics
    • Mobile App
    • Reward types
    • Reward timing
    • Reward Variations
    • Other prominent features
    • Time to set up a basic client
    • Active ATS integrations
    • Languages Deployed
    • Localization Deployed
    • Services
  • INVESTMENT (Core Setup + Monthly)


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