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HR Tech Advisor Buyer’s Guide to Video Interviewing Platforms

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22 Video Interviewing Vendors Profiled

As of October 2015 this Buyer’s Guide is no longer being updated. If you still want to download it, you can download it here for free and without registration. Enjoy.

Products (vendors) profiled: 

Async Interview, Cammio, Clappervue, Interview4 (Hire-Intelligence), InterviewStream, Kira Talent, Live and Recorded Virtual Interviews (GreenJobInterview), Montage, PowerMeeter Recruit (PowerMeeter Global Ltd),, RIVS Digital Interviews,, Spark hire, Take the Interview, Tazio, The Needle, VidCruiter, Video Recruit, Vieple, WePow.

Minimum Vendor Qualifications: 

  • Solution must be available for purchase/subscription as a standalone offering (e.g. not requiring a specific ATS or other module/platform)
  • Allow for pre-recorded responses
  • Customer can create specific questions
  • Preferred: Support for live interviews

Information collected: 

    • Product officially launched
    • Headquarters location
    • Other offices
    • Industry / Geography Focus
    • CEO / Top Executive
    • Number of active paying clients (as of today)
    • Total number of active users across all clients
    • Notable clients
    • Advisory Board member(s)
    • Key partners
    • Other key products
    • Corporate Branding
    • Max number of concurrent users supported
    • Live interview support
    • Pre-recorded interviews support
    • Configurable response options
    • Feedback Options
    • Browser support
    • Required browser plug-ins
    • Mobile Capabilities
    • Integration options
    • Other prominent features
    • Time to set up a basic client
    • Active ATS / CRM integrations
    • Languages Deployed
    • Support options
    • Services
  • INVESTMENT (Core Setup + Monthly)

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