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Ward Christman has 25+ years experience in HR technology and services with special expertise in employee referral, ATS solutions and job marketing (via job boards and social media). Ward has helped create dozens of successful partnerships between HR Tech companies. Career Summary: - Launched one of the first online job boards in 1992 (9 years) - Key member of HRsmart (ATS and TM) growth team (8 years) - Contributor to Lawson’s new HCM team (1 year) - First hire for Bullhorn’s corporate social recruiting platform (1 year) - Turnaround artist (Product Owner) for Kenexa’s 2xRecruit ATS (1 year) - Launchpad boosters for RolePoint’s entry into the Social Referral market - Founder, Chief Advisor and Publisher for HR Tech Advisor (2014) - Co-Founder of HRTechAlliances.com (2015) More details at http://www.linkedin.com/in/WardChristman

#HRTech Advisor Collaboration Zone at #UNLEASH19 in Vegas
#HRTech vendor executives leveraged the Collaboration Zone for top notch networking & copious collaboration at UNLEASH in Vegas It’s been 4.5 years since we ran our first Collaboration Zone in Paris at HR Tech World (now called UNLEASH), and the two key attractions remained the same in Vegas – the […]

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Cyrus Akrami @Facebook #HRTech #Alliances Video #Interview #UNLEASH18 #Partnerships @CAkrami @HRTechAdvisor
@HRTechAdvisor interviewed the following 8 #HRTech Vendor Executives at #UNLEASH18: Peter Wiedemann, GM, Talent Acquisition Unit, Saba (formerly Lumesse) (Video Interview) Gilad Friedman, VP Channel Sales at WalkMe (Video Interview) Sander Odijk, Director Partnerships & Strategic Alliances at Raet (Video Interview) Guido Heinz, Partner Alliance Manager at Saba Software (Video […]

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Ward Christman & Larry Cummings co-founders of #HRTechAlliances #HRTech
After 20 years, #HRTechConf still best #HRTech Show for #Alliances & #Partnerships I’ve personally attended 18 of the past 20 shows and 2017 was the best! Why? First year HR Tech Alliances had a booth! 420 vendors exhibiting and (estimated) 4X that walking the show – most looking for new partners! […]

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Roopesh Nair ceo Hodes Symphony Talent #HRTech
Findly + Hodes = Symphony Talent, an Orchestra of #HRTech Solutions An interview with their new executive leader When I first got the news under embargo about the rebranding and repackaging of what was Findly and Hodes, I was anxious to share the news with the industry because it’s pretty rare […]

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