Vendor Selection Services for Employers

Do you want to maximize your relationship with your HR Tech vendors and avoid costly mistakes?

Would you hire a Real Estate pro to help you locate and buy your dream home?

If yes, then hire HR Tech Advisor to ensure optimum selection of your future HR Tech Vendors, and deliver huge savings to your company’s bottom line!

HR Tech Advisor Vendor Selection Services

“HR Tech Advisor helped me create a business case to improve our company’s HR technology to better serve our internal and external customers. Now that we have the executive support and budget, they are helping us through an HR tech vendor selection to ensure we make the best fit choice for our business needs.” D. Desch, VP Global HR


How HR Tech Advisor can help:

  • Streamline vendor selection process – requirements gathering, arranging demos, pricing, contract negotiations, etc.
  • Assist in implementing best practices – re-engineer processes, software functionality, etc. to ensure adoption
  • Delivery experts – support clients through implementations by either managing the project or working in a supportive role
  • Project management – assist client in change management, training, and post go-live support

Client Tools:

  • Vendor Evaluation Matrix with “live” scoring, ranking and weighting by your evaluation team
  • Access to “live” reports in members only area of web site
  • Custom reports and selection criteria etc.
  • Clients only – RFI builder, special reports, referral points, etc.

Why partner with HR Tech Advisor for vendor selection?

  1. Expertise – our market knowledge will help you arrive at a better decision, faster
  2. Comprehensiveness – we’ll guide you around the potholes and help set the stage for an easier implementation and configuration
  3. Impartiality & Objectivity – your best interests will be top of mind as we help you distinguish between truth and embellishment
  4. Speed – rigorous methodology, pre-formulated requirements, jump to semi-finalist stage instead of a giant RFP process, etc.

HRTA Clients Avoid:

  1. Distractions – let your people focus on more pressing matters
  2. Additional overhead – taking on vendor selection in house would require FT effort to do it close to right
  3. Impediments to growth – selecting the wrong system could easily set your company back years
  4. Risk of doing nothing – by never getting around to it due to lack of (human) “resources”