Globoforce to Showcase Service Timelines at HR Tech Europe

HR Tech Europe Conference & Expo 2014 Amsterdam

When you visit the Globoforce booth at the HR Tech Europe Conference in Amsterdam, you’ll quickly learn that employee recognition is one of the best investments a company can make in its employees. You’ll also learn that leveraging HR Tech can make it easy, fun and rewarding to the company’s bottom line.

Derek Irvine @ GloboforceI recently interviewed Derek Irvine, executive vice president, strategy & consulting services for Globoforce who said “people will come to the conference to hear about the latest trends and when they visit the Globoforce booth they’ll learn about our latest mobile, global and Social Recognition® solutions.” Irvine says they were the inventors of “social recognition” several years ago.  They are now the global leader with more than two million people using their social recognition platform across the world.

Globoforce shared a new video they launched in support of their Service Timelines years of long service offering.  The video depicts an actual Globoforce employee receiving her 15-year service anniversary with the company and the emotional impact the experience provides her. The solution is a huge makeover for the service awards industry. Derek shared recent Globoforce research that shows 65% of employees say shared memories and stories from co-workers would make their anniversary more meaningful.

Recently honored as first place winner in HRO Bakers Dozen, Globoforce is a clear leader in the space—leveraging technology to make employee recognition richer and more impactful. “Globoforce is the first in the industry to offer video (employee) recognition” shared Irvine.  “Imagine I’m a manager looking to recognize a team for a significant accomplishment; I can do it on the spot by recording a congratulatory message right on my mobile and send it to the team and also make it viewable to the entire company.” Video really helps capture the emotional aspect of the message better than a written message and is easily stored for posterity’s sake.

Globoforce’s mobile native apps support all the same features as their web apps and even more, making appreciation and redemption seamless and fast—wherever employees may be. Irvine points out how rewards can be instant thanks to mobile technology – “An employee could be standing in the middle of Banana Republic admiring something, can take out their smartphone and use their Globoforce mobile app to enter a code from a recognition award and buy it on the spot.”

With more recognition data being captured, Globoforce is able to help clients validate performance reviews by comparing reviews to captured recognition. If a manager’s review is mediocre but the employee has a lot of project and peer recognition of great accomplishments, perhaps the manager is not fairly rating the employee. The data captured in recognition also helps with succession planning, re-sourcing (hiring back alumni) and identifying innovators inside the company.

While in Vegas for the “other” HR Tech conference last week, I met up with the Globoforce team at their impressive booth and then we started following each other on Twitter. Checking their tweets, I found one that really stood out: “The Hidden Benefits of Happy Co-Workers. @EntMagazine features our Mood Tracker research  #HRTechConf #celebrateyou

Globoforce LogoFor more tweets and insights into employee recognition, follow Globoforce on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The 2014 HR Tech Europe Conference will be in Amsterdam from October 23-24. It’s an event managed by HRN Europe – The Pan European HR Network.


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