Kronos to Show Complete Workforce Management Solution at HR Tech Europe

HR Tech Europe Conference & Expo 2014 Amsterdam

Kronos will make its first appearance at the HR Tech Europe Conference this year which opens in Amsterdam in just a few weeks. Why is Kronos exhibiting and sponsoring and why should you meet up with them at the RAI?

Harold Tijssen pre-sales practice manager for Kronos Workforce Management“The labour market is changing so rapidly that knowing what technologies and processes can attract talent with the right skill sets, and engage talent to retain them, is paramount in today’s highly competitive market” shared Harold Tijssen, pre-sales practice manager for Kronos.

Something new you can explore at the Kronos booth is their recently released Workforce Predictive Scheduling for Health Care, which has been developed based on the previous success Kronos has had with forecasting in retail and other verticals. Tijssen says “it’s been fine tuned to handle the unique healthcare challenges around patient volumes and census, and helps to improve resource planning in accordance with this fluctuating demand.

In additional to the existing range of operational tools, Kronos has introduced new strategic tools in recent years, with offerings like Talent Management. “The world of HR is changing rapidly and it changes the way we think about our workforce, how we attract and retain talent.” shared Tijssen.

Tijssen finds that employee engagement is a big thing. “Employers face the challenge of raising their corporate profile, in an attempt to become an employer of choice.” Kronos provides the technology platform for those cultural changes. “Involving employees in the whole cycle of workforce management is critical. Employees today want to be able to select when they work, swap shifts with their team members, and request days off, and do that from anywhere, any time.” Some of the big HR Tech tools are mobile and Cloud, with some of their newer enhancements now including options for tablets, mobile and social media.

How do you find Europe different than other parts of the world? “Compliance in Europe is important but not as paramount as it is in the US. Driving productivity and improving customer service remain the most important drivers here in Europe” says Tijssen. “Although time and attendance has become a commodity in Europe, budgeting, forecasting and scheduling are still highly personalized for each client.” Tijssen is finding that most projects around Europe and the Middle East are driven by forecasting, scheduling, and overall capacity planning. “Time and attendance remains important in the context of understanding how schedule execution is progressing in real time, and understanding where adjustments must to made in order to avoid compromised levels of customer service” shared Tijssen.

“Be sure to stop at the Kronos booth” Tijssen notes, “it’s not just about the technology, it’s about your people – see the tech and feature sets, but also meet our teams who can consult with you to help you define your workforce management strategy, and show you how we can assist your organisation to work through the business transformation required. Without a good HR Tech partner it’s tough to make it stick on the ground.”

Kronos Logo for HR Tech Europe Workforce Management

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The 2014 HR Tech Europe Conference will be in Amsterdam from October 23-24. It’s an event managed by HRN Europe – The Pan European HR Network.


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