Spire to show Big Data Analytics at HR Tech Europe

HR Tech Europe Conference & Expo 2014 AmsterdamWhen the 2014 HR Tech Europe Conference gets underway in Amsterdam in a few weeks, one of the sponsors you won’t want to miss is Spire Technologies. What’s so special about Spire? They deliver a platform that empowers HR decision making with over 95% accuracy in contextual supply & demand mapping based on ‘unstructured’ Big Data from enterprise systems and the Internet. What does that mean? HR Tech that delivers big time ROI.

Sanjeev Sukumaran @ SpireDuring a recent interview with Sanjeev Sukumaran, vice president strategy – global sales and business development, he shared his excitement for this event – “a live demo is the best way to see our solutions, and the expo is the perfect place to get that.”

What can you expect to learn when you meet up with Spire at the Expo? How leading companies like Logica used Spire to drastically cut their use of expensive external hiring servicesLogica Logo from 70% down to 12% while increasing their employee referral rate from 17% to 45%. This one transformation alone delivered enormous financial savings for Spire’s client and certainly a huge boost in their quality of talent.

What sort of tools did Logica use? “Thanks to contextual parsing, our solution for resumes has a 95% parsing accuracy compared to only 14% accuracy for competitors using keyword parsing” Sukumaran said. The Spire parsing engine typically recommends the highest quality candidates proven by their stats: “8 out of 10 people recommended get invited to an interview” according to Sukumaran.

This year there will be thousands of people convening on the RAI in Amsterdam with 100’s of sessions. The best way to plan your personal agenda? Use the conference mobile app sponsored by Spire!

There are so many HR Tech solutions out there, but most of them are built to manage the data, not analyze it. “We look at lots of corporate and individual data: performance, fit analysis, what are the courses available in the LMS or in the open market to help employees fill gaps in their competencies, etc. If you leverage both internal and external data you can make a huge impact on the business by determining employee flight risk, what training is working (or is not working), if you need more talent does the market even have it available. “We have 1.8 million competencies – now that’s big data!” shared Sukumaran.

If you are wondering how much effort would it take to get these amazing results, you’ll be surprised like I was. “We did a delivery for a 160,000 employee organization in 10 days flat, including the testing & training!” according to Sukumaran. Spire is an industry agnostic provider of data analysis tools – at the end of the day, data is data regardless of industry.

What does Sukumaran think about the future of HR Tech? “In the future companies will break projects into bite size pieces and send them out to a globally dispersed contingent workforce, most of which will be working for multiple companies at the same time.” HR Tech will make all this possible, thanks to companies like Spire making sense of all the data.

In researching the company for this article, one of their tweets @spire2grow caught my eye: “Talent mapping, Growth, Supply & Workforce planning is where battles r being fought.” This illuminates an important HR strategy – those who are smart and arm themselves with the best HR Tech will win the battles. Book your trip to HR Tech Europe now – get smart, and get to know Spire.

Spire LogoFor more tweets and insights into Big Data for HR, Follow Spire on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The 2014 HR Tech Europe Conference will be in Amsterdam from October 23-24. It’s an event managed by HRN Europe – The Pan European HR Network.


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