TAtech Center for Deals & Alliances – Days of Winging It are Over

Make Your Own Luck – How to do Deals & Alliances in $7B TA Ecosystem

The Talent Acquisition ecosystem has thousands of tech suppliers globally, and many of the top 300 will be converging on Orlando this April – but not to see Mickey Mouse… they will be there to network and do deals & alliances at TAtech! So how can you connect with the right potential partners to ensure you hit your growth goals for the year? Simple. Make your own luck with pre-scheduled meetings in the TAtech Center for Deals & Alliances.

New this year at The TAtech Industry Congress is a fourth Track sporting a dedicated “Deal” room just for attendees looking to do deals, find new partners or explore potential alliances. To me this is the most exciting thing to happen at a conference in our industry since the coffee break!

In this new special room called the TAtech Center for Deals & Alliances, there will be:TAtech-Congress-IAEWS-Conference

  • Pre-scheduled meetups
    • Make your own luck – pre-book meetups with our custom designed scheduling tool
    • Up to 30 potential twenty-minute slots to connect with potential new business partners
    • Option to sponsor a dedicated table to host your meetups & showcase your brand
    • Easily schedule 1:1 meetings – ensures you don’t miss key contacts
    • Lets people know in advance you are interested in meeting with them
    • Offers option to be discreet and choose which meetings to accept
  • Concierge Services
    • Personalized recommendations and personal introductions
    • Vetting support and facilitating appointments
  • Expert Advice – from industry experts at HR Tech Advisor
    • Advice on partnerships & alliances
    • For sponsors: an optional mini-audit and/or matching session
    • Best practices crib sheet
  • Pre-Conference Webinar – a crash course on optimizing your ROI for the event
    • Creating your unique partnering propositions and elevator pitches to ensure top results for your meetups
    • A run down on the scheduling system and how to make the most of it
    • 10 things you should and shouldn’t do at the conference (to ensure partnering success)
    • Determining/focusing on with which companies you should partner vs. with which you could partner

This event is only for vendors, which makes it very unique and compliments the SHRM Talent Expo which follows TAtech in the same hotel.  Executives from the TA vendors will find great content in the first three tracks, and the fourth track, the Deal Track, is where they will be looking for tools & partners in a quest to improve Quality Of Hire and their bottom line. Of course, you need to be there to get into the deal flow!

PartnershipI’ve been to their events before they rebranded as TAtech (from IAEWS) and they were fabulous events for networking. However, this year it will be even bigger and better since instead of merely providing networking breaks, the new “Deal Track” will have a dedicated room (the Deal Center) and an online scheduling app to help you pre-book meetings with decision makers from the vendors.

How is this this new innovative offering coming to our humble HR Tech market? It’s being run in partnership between HR Tech Advisor and The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions (TAtech), and is a first for the TA Tech industry. Working with numerous industry experts affiliated with HRTechAlliances.com, we are on a mission to lower the partnership failure rate in our industry which is greatly caused by poor planning and lack of useful information before industry events. We approached the association who, as it turns out, were already planning to do something like this! The days of ‘winging it’ are over for those who attend this top industry event.


Peter Weddle, TAtech CEO

Peter Weddle, CEO for TAtech who runs the TAtech Industry Congress, is thrilled with the new partnership. As a long time veteran of the industry, Peter shares his thoughts – “TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions has served TA technology companies for almost ten years. That’s been the association’s sole mission and total focus. The TAtech Center for Deals & Alliances expands on that commitment by providing a one-of-a-kind venue specifically designed to advance the bottom line of any organization with a talent acquisition product or service.”


Larry Cummings, Chief Connector @HRTechAdvisor

Larry Cummings, Chief Connector and co-founder of HRTechAlliances.com shared “From my experience, TAtech has always been the place to nurture vendor-vendor opportunities. Now that they’ve added a 4th track, it’s going to help attendees go deeper to maximize their networking success. We expect to see collaboration worthy of 20 minutes of each other’s time. The new Center for Deals & Alliances will completely flip the dynamics of the event from chance meetings to meetings that improve your chances.”

For HR Tech companies in Talent Acquisition who are looking to grow their business via partnerships and alliances, be sure to order your table at the TAtech Industry Congress, they are in limited supply and going fast. If you can’t send your executives, be sure to at least send your Head of Alliances/Partnerships (or Business Development) – this is going to be one amazing event you won’t want to miss!

More info: web: TATech Industry Congress or email: TAtech@HRTechAdvisor.com



About Ward Christman (HR Tech Advisor)

Ward Christman has 25+ years experience in HR technology and services with special expertise in employee referral, ATS solutions and job marketing (via job boards and social media). Ward has helped create dozens of successful partnerships between HR Tech companies. Career Summary: - Launched one of the first online job boards in 1992 (9 years) - Key member of HRsmart (ATS and TM) growth team (8 years) - Contributor to Lawson’s new HCM team (1 year) - First hire for Bullhorn’s corporate social recruiting platform (1 year) - Turnaround artist (Product Owner) for Kenexa’s 2xRecruit ATS (1 year) - Launchpad boosters for RolePoint’s entry into the Social Referral market - Founder, Chief Advisor and Publisher for HR Tech Advisor (2014) - Co-Founder of HRTechAlliances.com (2015) More details at http://www.linkedin.com/in/WardChristman

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