#HRTechConf Best #HRTech Show for #Alliances & #Partnerships 20 Years Running

After 20 years, #HRTechConf still best #HRTech Show for #Alliances & #Partnerships

@HRTechAdvisor Ward Christman & @Chief_Connector Larry Cummings Co-Founders of #HRTechAlliances the industry's portal for finding & managing #alliances & #partnerships

Ward Christman & Larry Cummings, Co-Founders of HR Tech Alliances – the industry’s portal for finding & managing #alliances & #partnerships

I’ve personally attended 18 of the past 20 shows and 2017 was the best! Why?

  • First year HR Tech Alliances had a booth!
  • 420 vendors exhibiting and (estimated) 4X that walking the show – most looking for new partners!
  • Everyone we spoke to agreed, and many said it without asking, #HRTechConf is the best show for partnership discovery.

How can this be? There is no Collaboration Zone, there are no speed networking sessions, and there are no pre-events for vendor-to-vendor networking.

It’s simple, after 20 years of gathering together top minds in HR Tech and showcasing innovation via shootouts and vendor case studies, it quickly grew to a size where accidental connections led to ad hoc collaborations (alliances & partnerships). These chance meetings produced a high percent of failed partnerships – there is a better way…

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imagine how fantastic #HRTechConf would be if the show included a Collaboration Zone powered by HRTechAlliances.com!


@HRTechAdvisor interviewed on camera five of the #HRTech Suppliers at #HRTechConf:
      (click their names for their YouTube video interview!)

Lumesse alliances team Laura Fuller & Kate Heath #HRTech #Alliances #HRTechConf

Lumesse alliances team Laura Fuller (L) & Kate Heath (R) being interviewed for HR Tech Alliances YouTube Channel

Laura Fuller – US Country Sales Manager for Lumesse

Ideal partners? “Right now in our booth we have @CEB_News available within our platform for you to look at for assessments. “We also are working with @BroadbeanInc and @eQuestLLC for job distribution, and @Clickatell for analytics.”

Looking for particular partner solutions? “From a product perspective, we are always looking for local partners. We’re always looking for what’s the new great startup, or what’s the disruptive software that’s coming out that we would want to partner with.”

What drives partnerships? “A lot of our customers help drive our partnerships because they give us use cases. We can look at it either from a local use case, or a global use case, and  we would then look at how we would expand that partnership to really further be able to come to market, and go hand to hand along with them.”

Kate Heath – Global Head, Partners and Alliances for Lumesse

Your ideal partner? “…we are looking at partners that will work on an OEM basis within our technology. We also look at partnerships that are on a resell and a referral basis.”

What’s new? “We are just about to launch our marketplace with about 30 plus partners … that we want to promote out to our clients and our prospect base.”

Any particular solution you are looking for now? “We don’t want to be in a position where we are dictating to our client and our marketplace what they have to have. We are fairly open and agnostic in that approach.”

What do you like best about this event related to partnerships? “Two years ago at HR Tech in Vegas the conversation wasn’t about partnerships, and today I have been (very busy) with companies wanted to partner.”

Jack Spain – Director Business and Partnership Development for Leoforce

Any of your partners here today? “Too many to name actually today. There are dozens of our partners here at the conference. We are very open platform and appreciate the opportunities to integrate with any applicant tracking system or data enrichment platforms.”

What do you like best about this event related to partnerships? “This is like the perfect show for me because our key partners are here to meet with them face to face, discuss collaboration opportunities as well as introduce myself to dozens or potentially hundreds of new prospective partners – partners that will help us in the recruitment process for our end clients.”

Any industry collaboration tips? “We’re a proud member of the HR Open Standards committee and a very active member in the recruiting work group, we’re very sort of proud to be able to participate along with many other companies to really help promote the Open Standards that fosters interconnectivity with all these various technologies.”

Carlson Colomb – VP Partners – America for Cegid

What do you like best about this event related to partnerships?
“What I like about this show is it provided me an opportunity to meet with a lot of the potential partners that we’ve been speaking with in the last few months. It also provided me with an opportunity to find a great number of new potential partners.”

Any new partnerships you’re looking for today? “We’re specifically looking is resellers, system integration partners, and referral partners.”

Any plans for the future? “One of our key mandates this year is to grow our business through partnerships. We’re looking for quality versus quantity so it’s not about the number of partners we have, it’s really about picking the right partners that make sense to deliver a true valuable solution to our customers, and that’s where we see a great area of growth for our company.”

What do you think about white labeling? “A number of organizations are white labeling elements of our suite. We currently don’t white label any of our partner’s solutions. We develop all of our technology in-house. We have acquired other technology providers and included their technologies into our suite.”

Mark Baker – EVP Sales for Symphony Talent

Your ideal partner? “Partners that are open and really see the strategic value of working together in different ways. We could have media partners or integration partners or just people who extend our capabilities worldwide. Those that are interested in helping us get introductions into the relationships which are the most important things. Partners who are just concerned about pushing their product and not solving customer problems aren’t the kind of partners that we’re looking for.”

Any of your partners here? “20 plus partners are here.”

What’s new? “We just launched a newly refreshed partner page we are very excited about.”

Your approach to collaborating in the ecosystem? “There’s a lot of people here who do a lot of or a little of what everybody else does, so the concept of coopetition is something we’re very comfortable with. Again it’s about solving the customer problems.”

What is your API strategy? “We’re going to publish that, and where we have customer demand, we’re gonna develop those integrations and offer an easier path more quickly because we need to serve the needs of the customers and/or where we have the ability to go to market very quickly and solve some of those problems. So that’s what we’ve done with our CRM System – with our ATS system, they developed those open APIs you can write to, with open libraries like a lot of what other vendors have here at the show. But we also develop tight integration for those that want to develop w/in a specific industry.”

The HR Tech Alliances Booth

Three themes with one purpose: to help you find & manage alliances & partnerships!

  1. 2018 Collaboration Plan – leverage our strategic partners to ensure success
  2. Deal API – boost deal flow, connect to better partners, improve vendor connectivity
  3. Build, Buy or Partner – a question you should ask daily (we can help you answer it)
Chief Collaborator Steve LaMotta #HRTechAlliances @PeopleSpheres Philippe Blouquet @CareerBuilder #Partnerships Michael O'Dell #HRTech #Alliances

Chief Collaborator Steve LaMotta @HRTechAlliances moderating a discussion with @PeopleSpheres CEO Philippe Blouquet (L) and @CareerBuilder Director, Strategic Partnerships Michael O’Dell (R)

#HRTechConf #HRTech #HRTechAlliances

(L to R) Mark Willaman @HRmarketer CEO, Steve LaMotta @HRTechAlliances Chief Collaborator, Seema Chaudhary @HarbingerSystems President, Larry Cummings @HRTechAlliances Chief Connector, Andrew Cowan @HRTechSummit (Key Media)






About Ward Christman (HR Tech Advisor)

Ward Christman has 25+ years experience in HR technology and services with special expertise in employee referral, ATS solutions and job marketing (via job boards and social media). Ward has helped create dozens of successful partnerships between HR Tech companies. Career Summary: - Launched one of the first online job boards in 1992 (9 years) - Key member of HRsmart (ATS and TM) growth team (8 years) - Contributor to Lawson’s new HCM team (1 year) - First hire for Bullhorn’s corporate social recruiting platform (1 year) - Turnaround artist (Product Owner) for Kenexa’s 2xRecruit ATS (1 year) - Launchpad boosters for RolePoint’s entry into the Social Referral market - Founder, Chief Advisor and Publisher for HR Tech Advisor (2014) - Co-Founder of HRTechAlliances.com (2015) More details at http://www.linkedin.com/in/WardChristman