Sessions for the Vendors‽ How #UNLEASH19 brought their Exhibitors 2X ROI

#HRTech vendor executives leveraged the Collaboration Zone for top notch networking & copious collaboration at UNLEASH in Vegas

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It’s been 4.5 years since we ran our first Collaboration Zone in Paris at HR Tech World (now called UNLEASH), and the two key attractions remained the same in Vegas – the vendor executives love to network with each other and thrive when having collaborative discussions on hot topics.

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‘How to Partner with SAP” – a round table discussion led by Todd Asevedo of SAP SuccessFactors

If you’re not familiar, the Collaboration Zone (CZ) is a room exclusively for the HR Tech/Service vendors – a place where vendors can meet to have discussions on the most important issues affecting their growth and retention strategies.

HR Tech Advisor, creators of, partnered with UNLEASH to power the CZ so vendors can optimize collaboration to get maximum ROI from the Expo.

This year’s UNLEASH was held again in Aria in Las Vegas, a first rate conference facility to match the high quality event about the Future of Work and HR Technology.

HR Tech leaders from different companies joined the table topic discussion including SAP’s VP Todd Asevedo, Global VP Talent CoE & HCM Strategist/Evangelist – Employee Central, who shared and discussed ‘The Do’s and Don’ts in How to Partner with SAP SuccessFactors.’

Here’s what Todd said about the recent Collaboration Zone – “The session in Las Vegas was great and an efficient way to meet up with so many early-stage companies to discover what partnering with SAP could look like.” Want to hear more from other #HRTech leaders? Watch this video recap…

Day 1 – Alliances Best Practices

The “vendor only” round table discussion on “Alliances Best Practices & Certification” was led by our very own Larry Cummings – HR Tech Alliances’ Chief Connector/Co-Founder.  He shared some tips on how to get credentials from the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) and discussed what should and should not be done for a successful collaboration.


“The Collaboration Topic leaders were top quality people especially curated by HR Tech Advisor to focus on one engaging topic, so everyone could walk away with true insight, quality connections, and new ideas. Conferences get busy with Interest-driven surface level conversations but the Collaboration Zone was the exact opposite.” – Roy Baladi, Head of Marketplace at SmartRecruiters.

Ways to Keep Integrations from Killing your Deals and Deliveries.

Katrina Paglierani, VP of Partnerships and Alliances at  Flexspring (fka Modulus Data), led a discussion on this very painful topic. The group discussed various ways minimize the major problems that integrations can cause for almost every deal.


“It was a pleasure to attend UNLEASH America 2019. Had good discussion at HR Tech Alliances Collaboration Zone on alliances and partnerships, product modernization, chatbots, data warehousing, and integrations need of product companies and enterprises…” – Shrikant Pattathil, President at Harbinger Systems.

Day 2 – Does LinkedIn Build, Buy or Partner?

During this interactive session we heard the best ways to secure a profitable partnership with LinkedIn, both from their Global Product Evangelist, Sankar Venkatraman, and a few of their current partners. Sankar faced some very pointed questions from the likes of Matt Charney, about their flagship offering: Talent Solutions, including the very important question: Do they BUILD, BUY or PARTNER.


“The Collaboration Zone hosts added little touches that made a difference, like providing me with promotional cards to advertise my Collaboration Zone sessions to the other vendor executives.” – Tracey Azer, Word-Wide Channel Leader at IBM.

Marketing to HR – Key Buying Trends You Need To Know

There are different strategies in Marketing to HR and one of them is to know what are the key buying trends. In this discussion led by Brad Sutton HR.COM‘s Head of Customer Success and Sales, based on their recent research, Brad was able to point out the key buying trends and how to identify, reach and target your ideal buyer using social, email and traditional marketing. Visit to find more info on their research report, you’ll be glad you did.


“The Collaboration Zone’s small-group environment engendered a sense of trust and openness. Participants developed an understanding and respect for each other.” – Andrew Simmons, EVP Global Channels at SplashBi.

The Power of Collaboration when Building Your Brand

Have you also considered the power of collaborating with your employees on an advocacy program to build your brand? During this session, the industry pundit known to many as ‘Social Rhonda’ aka Rhonda Taylor, Vice President at Advos (by HRmarketer), uncovered and discussed the key benefits of an advocacy program and the best practices that you should consider, especially practices that encourage advocacy participation.


“As a provider of an HR Integration platform as a service, the Collaboration Zone has helped me facilitate bringing deals together the same way we bring data together. I wish all industry events partnered with HR Tech Alliances to deliver their Collaboration Zone” – Katrina Paglierani, VP of Alliances at Flexspring (fka Modulus Data).

The Collaboration Zone will return to Paris!

Want to Collaborate with other global leaders in #HRTech? Make plans to be a part of the Collaboration Zone at the Paris Convention Center on October 22-23, 2019 during UNLEASH World.

Would you rather…

…circle a booth for 20 mins hoping to meet with a potential partner… OR …spend those 20 minutes actually talking with them?

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